Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

Born in the same family, living in the same home, blessed in the same manner these two little people have a lot in common. Yet they are amazingly different! These differences are easily appreciated especially during certain circumstances. But, their differences are what make these two adorable creatures clash on a pretty consistent basis. They love to stir the other's emotions and thoroughly enjoy getting the other one in trouble. Sometimes it grieves me to no end when they are unkind to one another and treat each other with disregard. I want them to be close and to be each other's ally. I know that one day it will come and I remind them just like my daddy reminded me that they need one another.

While I was contemplating this aspect of sibling rivalry, it struck me how similar God must feel when His children are unkind to one another. How His spirit must be grieved when we don't consider our brother or sister's feelings. Surely, He is watching and wishing we would be close and an ally to them. Does it hurt Him when we respond in a bitter manner to our "siblings?" If I am an earthly parent who can not stand to see my children fight, how much more does it pain our Heavenly father? Yes, it must hurt Him. Yes, He must want us to be kind and get along with one another. It is amazing how we can see life in a different light if we will just look through His eyes of love.

As I strive to instill brotherly and sisterly love in my children; I am reminded that as children of God we must also strive to realize just how important our brothers and sisters are to us. We must avoid unkind words and be true allies to one another. We need each other and our Heavenly Father will appreciate our consistent determination to avoid sibling rivalry!