Thursday, September 06, 2007

God does not call the qualified; He qualifies the called

I remember when I first read this quote. It was a blessing to me because I felt completely unqualified to complete the task at hand. I first read it when my pastor asked me to start a Christian school for our church. I never realized how heavily I would be leaning on God when I undertook that task. But, somehow he gave me exactly what I needed to do what I had been called to do.

Still four years later I am holding to that quote only this time in a new area that I have been called to. In the eyes of man, I may not have the ability or the qualifications to be where He has placed me. But because of my unqualified status God has required that I lean on Him. In leaning on Him, I rely on His ability not my own. Because it is only through God's ability that His people can be loved the way He desires us to be loved. On my own, I can't be who I am called to be but through Him I can! On my own I can do nothing. But, He qualifies me to do what I have been called to do little by little. Step. By. Step.

Countless leaders in the Bible did not have the qualifications that man thought they should've had. Moses, David, Peter, and the list goes on. However, what they did have was the desire to serve God. In the end, he gave them each the qualifications they needed to serve His people.

So, if you feel you don't have the "qualifications" to be what man expects you to be - remember you are not serving man. You are serving God! He will give you the ability you need!