Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mothers and Daughters at Oak Park

We had a great time at our "Day in Paradise." There were over 100 ladies who attended this fun filled event! Thank you everyone who helped make it so special! I love you all!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Do you want to be used of God?

I will never forget the first time I felt the call of God on my life. I was too young to really understand what that call would entail. Nonetheless, I decided that I would do whatever I could to work in the kingdom of God. Mind you the key word is WORK. I say work, because the call of God is not about pomp and position. The call of God is service. Service to the Creator and service to His people.

Once I realized that I couldn't run from God's calling, I begin to make myself available to Him in every way. To work wherever and whenever. See, I was always taught that when you see something that needs to be done you should just do it - not wait to be asked. That is how I began working in the kingdom of God. No one had to ask me to be a part. I just found a place to work and gave it my all. I truly believe that the willingness on my part to do whatever needed to be done opened more doors than I ever expected. Not that I am anything special or anyone extraordinary. It's just that I wasn't looking to be a leader. I was looking to be a servant of God.

After deciding to serve God in every aspect I also learned that God's timing was not the same as mine. What He has for us is greater than what we could anticipate for ourselves. Too many times we get in a hurry and try to rush God and walk through a door He didn't open. As creatures of control most of us like to open our own doors. Thankfully, God has been in control of opening the doors of my life. Every door He has opened has led me to a new and adventurous realm of service. When God opens the door it makes every storm easier and giving up does not become an option.

I truly believe that God wants to use willing vessels. If you want to be used of God you must relinquish your self will and be willing to work wherever there is a need without being asked. That may mean cleaning the church. It may mean fixing a meal for a family in need. It may mean mowing the church lawn. It may mean menial labor more than recognition. It may mean practicing His will more than preaching. But, if you are truly called of God it won't matter. Because you will have a servant's heart.
Do you really want to be used of God?