Thursday, June 14, 2007

This is what we've been up to.......

First thing this month we had Anna's kindergarten graduation. Anna was so thrilled to have Nana and Papa come visit us and we were blessed to spend an unanticipated extra day with them. We had such a good time and we really miss being close to them!

Then we celebrated her 6th birthday - for almost a week! We celebrated with Nana and Papa, with Taylor,

Taylor and Anna at ChuckEChesse

and at home with a cake.

I can't believe my baby is six!

Then, it was time to send Simeon off to church camp for the first time. I definitely had a harder time letting him go than he had leaving me!

For all of those who have asked, he is having a great time and is NOT ready to come home yet.
So, my worries were for nothing - as usual!

Simon, Simeon, Matthew, and Alex

So, as you can see our June has been BUSY already - busy but fun! I don't anticipate any slow downs in our schedule but I am learning to be flexible and enjoy the excitement (as much as possible).