Thursday, October 26, 2006

Reflections from the Past

They say in life that you either remember the past better than it was or worse that it was. I am quite certain though that this trip down memory lane is not colored by my desires of perfection. So, I decided to indulge myself while reflecting on this piece of my past because these memories are too fond to be forgotten.

See, yesterday I learned that my Aunt Ophelia McVay has terminal brain cancer. I knew that she had throat cancer and had been going through radiation, but apparently the radiation wasn't effective enough and the cancer has now spread to her brain. When I first learned about the severity of her condition all I could do was reflect upon the past. I remembered the summers I spent with her and my Uncle, twenty years ago, and how important they were to me. I couldn't wait to get to her "perfect" white house on the hill. I would be greeted with kindness by my soft spoken, gentle, southern belle of an aunt. Then we would plan our weeks with great excitement.

We spent our days going to all the local dollar stores because, in Wiggins, there were no malls. If you went shopping for clothes you went to Bill's Dollar Store or Fred's. This is where she usually bought me a couple of new outfits for church, our next destination. She and my Uncle pastored the local church and I remember thinking how busy she was all the time. (Now, I know why)!

Of all of the memories I have during my times spent with my Uncle Lacy and Aunt Ophelia probably those most fond to me would have to be our prayer time. At night before we went to bed, we would all gather in the living room and prepare for prayer. My Uncle would go around the room asking if anyone had any special requests and then we would share what was on our hearts. After all the requests had been shared we would kneel down and begin to pray. Those times in prayer will not be easily forgotten. They taught me the great principle of family prayer. Their faithfulness to prayer together was a model that I have used for my family.

I can imagine even now, that as she lies in unbearable pain, that Uncle Lacy still prays each night with Aunt Ophelia. Even though she can't speak, I am sure her prayers are carried up to Heaven each night with his.

But, now along with their prayers, I have lifted mine up with my family for her health and his strength. I pray that God will carry them during this trying time and that He will bless them for the many lives they have touched along the way. I also thank Him for allowing me to recall the invaluable characterisitics these two precious saints of God planted in me.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Life Is All In How You Look At It!

" It just wouldn't be a picnic without the ants." ~Author Unknown

It's funny how when life throws us little curves we want to complain. But, then sometimes we never stop and look at the reason why we are at that particular bend in the road. Usually it is to get us a little closer to the end of our journey.

There are times I find myself complaining about the little things in life and then I am reminded of all of God's blessings. Very few of us who complain have reason to do so. We must all realize that life really is all in how you look at it! Problems are often just a test of our faith. When I face the tests in life I want to choose the right answer and pass the test with an "A".

Remember, the ants might invade your picnic but don't forget that you are having a picnic!

If life doesn't seem fair right now, give the problem to God and be thankful that He has given you life!

Every day ends in darkness but the dawn always breaks through!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Need I say more..... Time is one of those scarce resources that I am constantly trying to get more of! I have been accused of really leaving a legacy (see my last blog) by never blogging again. One friend even commented that obviously I am busy because it has been almost three weeks since I have written anything. Busy is truly an understatement! The last three weeks have been a blurrrrrrrr. Hopefully, I am on the uphill and will start being a little more in control of my time. Yea, right!

Don't get me wrong, I have taken time management classes. I know how to use a Daytimer and a Franklin. I am not making excuses! I know what it means to simplify and organize to the point that life falls into a system of perfect management. However, I also know what it means to flow with the punches and keep your head above water! Which is what I have been doing lately! It seems like the older I get the less time I have.

As a child, time would seem to drag by from one birthday to the next. I remember longing to be 13, then 16, then 18. Those long awaited occasions took too long! I also recall how long nine months seemed when I was awaiting the birth of my children. Time's value is most definitely in the hand of the beholder. Now, I look back and wonder how a decade has gone by since the birth of my first child! Now birthdays come too quickly!

Time has a way of slipping away from us when we seem to need it most. How many times have I wished that I could turn back those hands and add just a few more hours to the day? Countless! So, now I am taking time to do something I enjoy! I am taking time to realign my priorities, both spiritual and physical, and making sure that I don't forget that time waits for no one!